Welcome to our site. We hope to help people find herbs recommended in books such as Healing Lyme or that have been prescribed to them by their healthcare provider.


Our emphasis is on whole herbs because the proprietor of Belfast Herbs had been prescribed Houttuynia Cordata for his Bartonella infection by his MD (in addition to antibiotics) and there was no noticeable reaction to the double concentrate capsules he bought.  When he used the whole plant there was a reaction in days.

 In addition to Houttuynia Cordata (fishy smelling herb), we sell Artemisia Annua (sweet annia) and Polygunum Cuspidatum (japanese knotweed). All encapsulated in-house from powdered whole plants or the roots and rhizomes. We are also offering Stephania Root as well as tinctures of our products.

The term “lyme disease” is often miss-applied to the point that it is used to encompass a group of usually tick-transmitted diseases such as Bartonella (often called Bart), Babesiosis (caused by the Babesia protozoa) and Ehrliciosis (caused by Ehrlicia bacteria).


“Lyme” gets its name from an epidemic of childhood arthritis in Lyme Conn. that was discovered to be caused by Borrelia burgdefori, a spirochete (spiral shaped bacteria). Since then at least two other strains of spirochete are recognized to be common in North America, and there are several more strains in Europe, and other strains native to Asia. With our mobile age, these strains have migrated to other continents. In addition to these spirochetes are the already mentioned co-infections such as Bartonella, Babesia and Ehrlichiosis.


These strains have varying symptoms. The infections present themselves differently in different individuals, and there are varying combinations of strains of spirochetes and co-infections, plus ticks have been found to carry “co-infections” minus spirochetes.


There are overlapping symptoms, and the tests available often give false negatives and positives.


For these reasons, the proprietor of Belfast Herbs LLC believes it is imperative to find a health care practitioner with extensive experience in clinical diagnoses and treatment of these infections.


This information is intended for information only. It is not to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or in place of medical supervision.


The FDA has not evaluated this statement or these products.


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