Sida Acuta tincture

Common name: common wireweed

This tincture is made from the whole dried leaves

1 oz 1:5 alcohol extract tincture 48% alcohol


In compliance with FDA Rule 21 CFR 119, pertaining to products containing ephedrine;



     The herb Ephedra was the herbal source of ephedrine and psuedoephedrine, with those being Ephedra’s principal active ingredients. Subsequently synthesized ephedrine replaced herbs as a source of ephedrine.

     Although Sida Acuta is not of the Ephedra species, and ephedrine is not a major constituent of the herb, Sida Acuta does contain trace amounts of ephedrine.


     Sida Acuta reportedly does not contain enough ephedrine to be a useful source of ephedrine.

However ephedrine is reported to be synergistic with caffeine, aspirin, and reportedly St. John’s Wort and possibly other substances, which could lead to some of the serious side effects related to ephedrine.


     Those serious side effects can include but are not limited to:

-increased heart rate

-increased blood pressure




In addition to the ephedrine issue, Sida Acuta has wide ranging traditional herbal uses as well as contraindications that Sida Acuta should not be used during pregnancy, or by women trying to get pregnant without the direction of a healthcare provider which make it imperative that Sida Acuta be used under qualified supervision.


This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



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Sida Acuta Tincture

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